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 Aislinn began training as an artistic gymnast at aged 4, training under GB coach & Royal Opera Ballerina Vincent & Michele Walduck.

Trained in Dance, Acting and Circus, she graduated with a B.A. in Theatre and Dance from Northwestern University, trained with Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and performed with Tony Award winning Goodman and Lookingglass Theatres.

     Aislinn has toured with Cirque Mechanics, Silver Lining, Square Peg, Cirque Biijou and Ockham's Razor and performed with "The Art of Gymnastics" a creation conceived by Cirque du Soleil for the London 2012 Olympic Gymnastic Events.

Aislinn performed with Chamaleon Variete Berlin with, touring a 4 show repertoire on MS Europa 2 :

Soap, Versus, My Life , and a new creation Fire.


She played with Midnight Circus at Montreal Completement Cirque and Cirque Eloize at Juste Pour Rire,  co-founded Circumference and developed their debut productions Shelter Me.

Recently she has been on World Tour with Paul Smith

"A suit to travel in", featuring in Elle China, and Fashion Weeks worldwide, perfromgExtraordinary Bodies and Writing and Directing Staged. a new production for 2016.

She has had an array of fantastic coaches over the years :

Cirque de Demain Gold Medalists Sam Payne and Sandra Feusi on Chinese Pole,

​Monte Carlo Medalist

Oyunchimeg Yadmajav -Contortion,

Moscow State Circus'

Nourbol Meirmanov - Hand to Hand,

​ Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe

Lu Yi - Chinese pole & Hand to Hand.

She is grateful for their amazing guidance, and the many 

teachers who have both encouraged and inspired her to look at life though an artist's lens. ​​


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